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Thoughts on Dr. Maya Angelou

Last week a true icon and Renaissance woman passed away at the age of 86. What a life she led. Just reading about all of her accomplishments is enough to take your breath away. Dr. Angelou was admired and loved by people from around the world. What most impressed me was that she took her pain and turned it into strength. She didn’t allow it to hamper her from achieving insurmountable odds. Dr. Angelou also loved all of humanity, not just a specific race of people, but all people. This is the reason she resonated with so many people.

I read that she had informed her caregivers that in the event she should die, she did not want to be resuscitated. When you have lived a life as full as she did, you don’t want to be resuscitated. I know there are always mountains to climb and things to accomplish, but my thought is that maybe she felt it was now time for someone else to take up where she left off. Please know that she has some very big shoes to fill, and maybe no one can or should try to fill her shoes. I however, believe that we should try and fill our own shoes.

Everyone has a destiny to fulfill; their own mountains to climb, deserts to cross, and seas to conquer. I encourage you today to stick your feet in YOUR shoes and begin walking out your journey. The journey that only you can complete. Not your mother, sister, or friend’s journey, but yours.

In the words of Maya Angelou – My life has been long, and believing that life loves the liver of it, I have dared to try many things, sometimes trembling, but daring still.

What will you dare to do today?

Love you to life!


  • Nay Dunnaway says:

    Dr. Angelou was truly an icon. Not just for women but all mankind. It is a blessing to honor her by quoting one of her many brilliant quotations in comparison to the things we go through in life. Thank you Lady1 for honoring her in your inspirational thought and help us to use it as a stepping stone toward our goals and destinations.

  • April Starks says:

    Maya Angelou was a great gift to the world. I will dare to live, give & thrive! When I learn I will teach and when I get I will give……One of my favorite quotes of Dr. Angelou

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