Pastor Mike’s Teachings

Just in case you’re not aware, New Birth has the best teacher/preacher in the city of Louisville.
No, I’m not partial, I’m just telling the truth! (smile)
Pastor always says that he only has about 1 hour a week with you to pour into you words from God that will help you grow, your family grow, and to be everything that God has called you to be.  One way to combat all the negativity from Satan is to cover yourself with the word of God.  Pastor gives us the word of God.  We now have a new way for you to listen to Pastor’s teachings.  Enjoy this new quick process of obtaining Pastor’s teachings via Sellfy.  We are offering 10% off the teachings currently available on Sellfy. Enter promo code: NEWBIRTH at checkout to receive 10% off.
I pray you take advantage of this opportunity, as I know it will bless you in every avenue of your life.
Love you to life!

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