Love Series

On Sunday, Pastor will begin a new series entitled the “Love Series”; aptly titled, since February is typically described as the month of love. This got me to thinking…what is love? Oh, I know the easy answer is “God is love”, and that’s very true. But, what is love to you?

Love to me is, Matthew writing me a note the other day, and putting it in my purse for me to find. The note read “Dear Mom, your the best. You are strong. I love you by Matthew Ward”. He also drew a lady and a heart with a smiling face. Now, that’s love.

Love is also what Pastor and I have for you, in wanting you to have everything that God has ordained for you to have and be. So, come on out on Sunday and bring a friend. Make sure you’re there early to get a seat.

I want to hear back from you….what is love to you?
Love you to life!


  • Cara says:

    What is love to me?

    -My mother taking me to Kroger to buy groceries for the house and put gas in my car. When I really didn’t NEED either!! LOL
    -Knowing I have Pastors and Parents that are continually praying for me and my kids!
    -A great place to worship!

    To me, these things are LOVE….

  • Somone A. White says:

    One expression of love in my life is when God made me a parent. I went from zero kids to 4 wonderful , loving ,respectable human beings . For me that’s GOD LOVE !!!!

  • Erica Waller says:

    Love is When my hubby patiently messaged a very painful cramp out of My foot,….. And all the subtle ways God Shows Us his love through others

  • Karen Lovely says:

    Love to me is placing great value on others, committing random acts of kindness, praying and helping those in need, above all taking good care of myself and NOT looking for another person to make me happy but being happy just as I am, mindful that I can always be better than I am. Sharing the love of Christ makes me ecstatic!

  • Tonya Nuckols says:

    One example of love to me is a friendship that has lasted over 30 plus years. You and I have lots of fond mememories of middle and high school and your the same friend I met then. I can always count on you and is a pleasure to call you my friend…That’s Love ,:-) congrats on your blog love it!

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