Get in the Backseat and Go to Sleep

Recently, Pastor, Matt, and I went out of town for the day. We had a wonderful time hanging out, but the time came for us to return home because we needed to get ready for Sunday service the next day. We climbed in the car around 8pm, all a little tired, but ready to get back home after a two hour drive.

Once we settled in the car, Matt immediately took my coat to use as a blanket, and got in the very back of the car to go to sleep. Very soon he was snoring as Pastor and I listened to music and talked about the day. At one point, while Pastor was driving, I looked back at Matt and told Pastor “He’s not worried at all about getting back home. He trusts that you will get him back home, safe and sound”. We laughed about it, and then I told Pastor, “If only we trusted God like that…trusted Him enough that we didn’t worry about about getting to our destination because we knew He would get us there”.

I remember as a child, when we went on trips, I always wanted to sit up front in the middle of my Mom and Dad. My siblings would say I was spoiled, of course, I would say otherwise. I tried to stay awake to keep my father awake, just in case he got sleepy while driving. But I still fell asleep. I’m no different as an adult. Pastor is a great nighttime driver. He can drive ALL night and not get sleepy, while I’m in the passenger seat pretending to stay awake. I know he laughs to himself when he looks over at me, with my eyes drooping, head bobbing, and seeing two of everything. He humors me and tells me I helped him, when I know I really only gave him another reason to tease me about something. But I digress…

We truly should all have the type of faith that we don’t worry about how we’re going to get there, how God’s going to fix it, how it will all work out, and on and on and on. Do you trust God enough to just go to sleep and not worry?

I made the decision on the way home that I would begin to have childlike faith and go to sleep. And I did just that…after I straightened the family room, took a load of clothes out the dryer, folded the clothes and put them up, put a load of clothes in the washer, got my clothes together for church, and looked over my lesson.

I admit I’m a work in progress.

The next time you’re faced with something, have enough faith to just…get in the backseat and go to sleep.

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8 NIV


  • Meme says:

    What a great post! No matter how long we have walked with Christ, we always seem to encounter things in our lives that challenge us in having total faith and trust in God that He is taking care of us…why do we do that? I was on the phone with my girlfriend last night, who is going through a scary health issue, and telling her to have faith and trust in God that He has everything under control. It’s so interesting to me that as people, we can be so willing to trust another human with our personhood; yet the One with the impeccable track record of always being trustworthy is the one we ask to “prove it”.

    Thank you for the reminder that no matter where we end up, God will get us there!

  • Cara says:

    I LOVED this post mainly because I am going through this right now!

    After being let go from my job last year, I guess you could say I was still in the drivers seat with regard to the kind of job I was looking for. I wanted this type of job, or that type of company, or locations overseas (so I could do some international traveling!) etc, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

    So month by month, as I’ve been seeking what kind of job GOD wants for me and what type of company HE wants me at and what I truly need from my next position, little by little I’ve been getting out of that drivers seat and I think I am now finally in the back seat. Not sleep yet, but (YAWN) it’s definitely coming!! LOL
    Much Love Pastor Ruth!!

  • Densia says:

    Unfortunately I have been the same way spirtiutally and naturally, I would not go to sleep, with the thought that I could “control” things….i too am learning that God is big enough and great enough to handle it without my help.

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