Four Things I Learned at the Gym – #4

As you know, I go to the gym in the mornings. It’s very interesting because in the midst of my workouts, I always seem to learn something while I’m there. As I watch people workout and am alone in my thoughts, things just sort of hit me in the head…kind of like the commercial – “I could have had a V8”!

I wanted to share some things I have learned while at the gym; things that I think we can all apply to our lives. I’m going to start with the fourth thing and proceed up to the number one thing I learned.

Don’t compare yourself to someone else – Everyone is in the process of growing and changing. Don’t look at where someone is and think less of yourself because they have something you want, or are at a level that you are trying to attain to. In the same manner, don’t look at someone else, and think you’re better than they are because you’re at a level they are trying to attain to. When you compare yourself to someone else, you’re saying in essence that you aren’t strong enough to stand alone; that you have to compare up or down, in order to feel good about who you are. If you’re going to compare yourself to someone who is at the level you’re trying to get to, look to them as inspiration, not as something to devalue your worth. They’ve worked hard, and you’re working hard also. If you must compare yourself to someone who is at a level you’ve already mastered, then lend a hand, or give a word of encouragement to let them know you’ve been there, and they can succeed, just as you have. In the end, do you and be the best YOU – that you can be.


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