Flawed on Purpose

Have you ever wondered why golf balls have dimples in them? If you’re like me, you probably answered “no”, just being honest. However, this morning I heard someone talking about golf balls and the reason why they have dimples in them.

Here’s the story: In the early days of golf, smooth-surfaced balls were used until golfers discovered that old, bumpy balls traveled longer distances. The science of aerodynamics helps explain the dimpled phenomenon. The dimples reduce the drag on a golf ball by redirecting more air pressure behind the golf ball rather than in front of it. The higher levels of pressure behind the golf balls force them to go far distances. Therefore, because the dimples maximize the distance golf balls travel. Dimpled balls travel up to four times farther than smooth-surfaced golf balls.

What am I saying? Just like the golf ball, we all have chinks in our armor. If we’re honest, the majority of the time, we look at our “flaws” as something that will hold us back or prevent us from achieving our goals. Flaws – things that others judge us by. Flaws – things that we cry about. But the opposite is true. If we allow our flaws to work for us, they will propel us further than if we didn’t have them.

We’ve all heard it said that God uses those that are the most flawed. But, it’s true. Moses was afraid and stuttered. Peter was a hot head. Rahab was a prostitute. Elijah suffered with depression. I could go on. God made you flawed on purpose. He wants to use your flaws for His purpose. Really? Yes, really! The trick is to ask God how he wants to use your flaws and He’ll show you.

Quit beating yourself up because you’re a certain way or you’ve done things that others judge you by. I’m so glad that God doesn’t judge us as people do. I’m so glad that God looks at your flaws, your imperfections as….perfections. Why are they perfections? Because God doesn’t make mistakes. You’re perfect in your imperfections.

Today, I want you to hold your head up. Know that your imperfections will take you farther than if you didn’t have them. Trust God and know that he made you just the way he wanted you to be. Use your imperfections for His glory and you’ll soar…just like the golf ball.

Hebrews 4:15 – This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same temptations we do…..
Love you to life!


  • Evelyn Jones says:

    Thank you Pastor Ruth. I really needed this reminder. LU2L! Be Blessed.

  • Kesha Gonnigan says:

    Tears of joy ran down my face as I read this. Perfection is an area that I have struggled with many times. This was such an encouraging article. It reminded me that a cracked vase that holds the light of Christ shines brighter than a vase without cracks.
    I will continue to let God’s light shine through me and I am encouraging anyone who reads this to do the same.
    Thanks for sharing such a powerful word PR.

  • Somone says:

    Recently I ask my fb friends and family a question, if I could change the one character flaw in me what would you choose. I recieved lots of postive feedback ( they love the way I am) but one of my close friends told me what she didn’t like……well be careful what you ask for! I love God and I love me and I know that he made me flawed in some areas for a reason. He has plans for me and I will follow them ☺ Thanks Pastor Ruth !

  • Belinda Simpson says:

    This truly blessed me. To know that God can us my im(PERFECTION) for His purpose.

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