Be Quiet

I grew up in a family with 5 brothers, 2 sisters, and my parents. Our house was noisy and with 8 kids in the house, there was always some neighborhood friends in the house as well. We didn’t have video games to occupy our time, so we played all kinds of games in the house. That’s when I bloodied my youngest brothers nose.

My older brothers made our front room a boxing ring, and I had to fight my younger brothers in a boxing match. Having to fight…I beat him up. Of course, this was all during the summer months while our parents were at work. In case you were wondering where they were. Oh the stories I could tell! But I digress.

With all the goings on in our house it was very hard to have a little peace and quiet. However, when my mother came home from work, she would make us sit down and be quiet. Of course, she threatened us within an inch of our life, but we did sit down and be quiet. It did wonders for our household. It gave her a chance to have a little quiet after a day at work, and it also calmed us down.

God is the same way. There are times that he will make us sit down and be quiet. When we’ve been running around like crazy and doing things we shouldn’t be doing. It could be an illness that causes us to stop. It could be some sort of trouble that causes us to seek out God.

Why wait until something happens in your life, before you quiet yourself and seek God’s voice? Today, take some time to quiet yourself in order to hear God’s voice. Go some place, it could be a closet, go for a walk, or any place where it will allow you to settle yourself in quiet so you can hear from God.

It will be worth it to your spirit AND your physical body. Now, go someplace, sit down, and be QUIET!

I love you to life!


  • Nay Dunnaway says:

    As you know, I grew up in a house, like you, with 9 other siblings. So I can totally relate to the sit down and be quiet method, lol. We never knew how rowdy we were until we did sit down. And sometimes we would fall asleep. You are so right!! Sometimes we can’t hear front God until we slow down and/or fall into a state of complete rest.

  • Tonya Nuckols says:

    Im having quiet time also, waiting to see if God is ready for me to change companies. During quiet time not only will he speak he will guide and give you revolation.

  • Tina Speight says:

    You as well as others who know me know that it is not always easy for me to sit and be quiet so this is a wonderful time for me. Also I understand when God sits us down and it is not always good but always good for us because we never know what was ahead. I always feel that God sits us down in order to keep us! Sometimes God also shuts us up when we had more to say, so when God is shutting us up then we need to obey and shut up because spoken words can never truly be taken back!

  • Erica Waller says:

    Yes ma’am, will do just that! thank you!!

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