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Cleaning day at my house is normally on Friday’s. It is definitely NOT my favorite day of the week. Just thinking about cleaning the floors, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, is making me roll my eyes, and sigh. Pastor and Matt, both know that sheets come off the bed on Friday mornings when they get up. Those are the first things to go in the wash.

At some point during the day I end up in Matt’s bedroom to dust. He has bunk beds that have wooden slats on the ends…kind of like what you see on a baby bed. He also has them on the desk in his room…and they are a booger to dust. While I dust his room and eventually put clean sheets back on his bed, my mind always thinks, “I bet he has no idea about all the things I do for him that he doesn’t SEE me doing. He just knows his room is clean and he has clean sheets on the bed”.

And EVERY TIME, as soon as I think that thought, God says to me “I bet you have no idea about all the things I do for you that you don’t SEE me doing”. Of course, I want to say “Really God, we’re going there?” But, then I have to sigh and nod, and say “Yes Lord, you are absolutely correct that there are plenty of things you do for me on a minute-by-minute basis that I don’t realize you are doing and I thank you for thinking about me”.

In our daily life, many times we go about our day and we forget that not only does God handle the big things in our life, but he also handles the little things that we take for granted. Things that we don’t necessarily see. I clean Matt’s room because I love him and I want the best for him. In the same manner, God does things for us because he loves us. Just because we don’t see those “small” things, doesn’t mean he’s not doing them.

Take some time out today and thank God for those “small” things that you take for granted. Think about things like the activity of your limbs, the street light turning green when you needed it to, a short line at the grocery store, a stranger walking up and handing you a coupon, and the list goes on. God cares about the details and he is involved in every aspect of your life. He does it because he LOVES you, and you’re worth it!

What is some small thing that God did for you, and you know it was him?

“……. GOD told them, “I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love! – (Jeremiah 31:3)

Love you to life!

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  • Erica Waller says:

    God continues to put a real smile on my face everyday. My smiles used to hide pain and sadness…I had no laughter in my heart but in these last few years I have learned to laugh even when nothing is funny! Thank you Lord for restoration of my soul. The joy of the Lord is my strength. 🙂

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